Beauty – Reloaded

The way man(humans) define beauty is at times mind boggling, obnoxious but also as hilarious as it comes.

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder which has been coined of late to, beauty lies in the eyes of the “beer holder”.

A friend of mine (one with dimples and she is beautiful) once said that light skinned people have an advantage in life. Light skinned girls are regarded as the most beautiful. Really? What are you looking at?

As a guy if you want to be quickly noticed intown, move around with a beautiful girl. Men will spot the girl 30 metres away before they finally see that she is walking with someone.

I once walked a few metres off my route following behind this lady. All i can say, dear reader, is that it was music. Just imagine the conductor of an orchestra.

But again men have gone an extra mile to confuse colourful with beautiful. There are people who are dark but beautiful. I wish i could put tags here.

Then here comes the models, pencil slim, tall and beautiful. Compare that to our African girls quite gifted and having a great future behind them. Just reminds me of this friend of mine, very short but loaded. Well dynamites comes in small packages. Now i believe that.

Beauty is not about what or where you look at. It’s what you see.

Seeing is not believing but if you Believe you can see


(For this topic has been defined elsewhere in several blogs, hence the reloaded caption).

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