It’s a Man’s Fault – (IMF)


The way men have been criticised, scrutinised and knocked left, right and centre makes me wonder.

Are there no gentlemen left in this world? Most blogs, unfortunately by girls, single mothers and devorced (experienced but masters of none), they have gone to the extremes of painting all guys by the same brush.

Tongai Moyo (MHSRIP) once sang :-

Taneta kutukwa kuti varume imbwa
Ndiani akamboona imbwa ichidanana nembudzi
Imbwa inodanana neimbwa

I think it takes two. At times, if not most of the times we should be blaming our choices not men in general. Are we not setting the bar too high. How come the guys that are dumped goes on to marry and the girls married are all smiles. On the other hand the girls dumped or dumper goes on to say the unprintable about the same guy, no kind words and no remorse.

I often joke with this beauty friend of mine(who i now call Prophetess, because of her fake prophesy that all guys are the same). She is gorgeous and i tease her that because of her beauty guys shy away. I tease her that because she is beautiful she will find it tough to marry. Why, because of perception by guys. Another prophesy maybe (Musikana akanaka anonetsa theory )

Are there no happily married women who are bloggers. What do they blog about. Do they attack men as we often see from girls. Or, “If you’ve struck gold, why go in search of brass”.

But again look closely at those casting the first stone. Are they married? Are they in a happy steady relationship. How then do those who aren’t married advise those who are married on how to keep a family?

Ok, nowadays there are professional courses, so let’s give them benefit of a doubt that they studied the subject. Well versed theoretically not practically.

That may well be the case, I believe generalisation is wrong in every context. Your enemy isn’t everyone’s enemy. Your woes are not everyone’s woes. Not all girls are finding it tough. Some are striking gold whilst others play the blaming game.

The Registrar General’s office every year they have stats of marriage certificates being stamped. Is it those cases of Adam and Steve, i doubt, we as Zim are yet to offer that, I’m sure. So that means there are some men out there who are loyal, some men out there who have gone the extra mile from just being a man to husband, some men out there who are capable of treating women in a better way.

Where are these men? Majority of women hate guys because in their dating world they failed to last the distance to marriage. Even the way they comment it’s all the “f” word. Does it mean the language is also from men.

Don’t we have girls who adore their fathers (for the good that they have done). Don’t we have men who adore their daughters ( for they are the perfect examples of great Dad). So are these men also being painted in the same bracket, by the same brush if not by the same hand.

Even though I acknowledge that there are some abusive husbands, abusive boyfriends, on the contrary there are also a darling number of guys, boyfriends, husbands out there. Are there no abusive, cheating women out there?

As always It’s a Man’s Fault. Stop It.

On behalf of the Real Man.

The Last Gentleman standing.


5 thoughts on “It’s a Man’s Fault – (IMF)

  1. Right……..where do I start.

    OK, let me start from here: “Are we not setting the bar too high. How come the guys that are dumped goes on to marry and the girls married are all smiles. On the other hand the girls dumped or dumper goes on to say the unprintable about the same guy, no kind words and no remorse….” Relationships differ. I for one have never publicly said bad things about my ex-boyfriends (publicly being to on blogs, social media etc.) even though some of these men have done despicable things to me. I just put it down to maybe I wasn’t the one but does that mean that I need to alter my standards for the next guy? Not really! Women in relationships are generally more cautious than their counterparts, not to say that women don’t cheat or mess up but it’s normally the man who would do messed up things to ruin the relationship therefore the most blame but I feel you were very unfair in your post by singling out the divorced, single mothers and single women as those who criticise the most. There are a lot of women out there stuck in unhappy marriages and not complaining because society……….so many women stuck in marriages they so desperately want to escape but stability and religion keeps them in. Those women who bash men do so for good reason and being that their experiences with men were traumatic, desperate and drove them to emotional bankruptcy, it’s not that they enjoy being loud about men but that their eperiences taught them lessons that they wish to share with the world.

    In saying that though, not everything women say about men are valid. I know some amazing men out there. Also, a man choosing to marry doesn’t automatically make him a good man. My ex went ahead and married his “wife”. He still pursues me hotly, at one point offered to pay my rent and lies to his wife that he is away on business meetings abroad when he is in my city, constantly begging me to see him. The wife is all smiles – struck gold but doesn’t know that her gold is actually counterfeit. It’s only a matter of time before it starts to corrose.

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    1. “Those women who bash men do it for good reason…”, i was in stitches there.
      I enjoyed reading your response more that the power that drove me to write the article. You came with a different angle, powerful and laid your facts. Thank you.

      In short, I like you. It’s such openess that makes us human. I can’t cover all angles neither can i be right in everything i write.

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      1. Of course you’d like me hehehe but really, bashing is on a relationship to relationship basis……..experiences differ but I also don’t agree with public defamation of one’s character so there we agree.

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