Of the Bible, Banks and Books

The way Fear Markerting has gripped Africa and the world in general is alarming. What happened to

A Billion Reasons To Believe In Africa


The Insurance guys, Funeral Policy/services, Medical Aid and of recent Prophets or is it profits, its all Fear Markerting. What do they all have in common? Very adroit, deft or dexterous with money.

All these people are just using the Bible (easier way to get rich quick) the Books (to get every dollar off your pocket) to fatten their Bank accounts. “Tora mari united”

They tell you what you fear most, instill fear in you, convince you that without their service when you die you will rot in your house, you won’t be given a decent burial. Honestly a dead man knows and owns nothing.

Men go to far greater length to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire.

In our right senses do we believe that a prophet can credit your bank account. Are these Prophets even ecclesiastical? Or the congregation is easily eclipsed. Ok maybe in my profession i was taught double entry system. When you credit something debit something.

If your account is credited what will the banks do with this miscellaneous transactions. How is it reported on the Bank’s Balance Sheet. All of a sudden the Bank’s Cashflow improves.

It’s just pure logic that we need at times if not most of the times.

Our morals tend to weaken when we start believing in things that don’t matter.Expecting miracles in everything, majority of these fly by night churches make it a must to include the word miracle be it on posters or their sermons, mainly for attraction.

Paying tithe into the Pastor’s account, are we trying to personalise the blessings. Honestly this is laughable at best, ridiculous at worst.

But again those who do go or fall prey to such old tactics will go ballistic. Majority are temperamental, cantankerous and I understand that.

Zimbabwe is (was) regarded highly in terms of education. Literacy rate is so high but again that’s just the ability to read and write not ability to reason. For i know we shall never equate reasoning to literacy. We shall never reach ceteris paribus stage.

However, as that may well be the case, the bottom line is you are being taken for a ride. Time to wake up and smell the coffee

Facts are stubborn


2 thoughts on “Of the Bible, Banks and Books

  1. “Majority are temperamental, cantankerous”…..tjoooo you are so right apa. Those that call themselves vana vaPapa mai mai mai! Just try questioning whichever prophet they follow and you will be lucky to escape with your life! The way they get so defensive! Vanotuka vanhu ivavo maiwe! You begin to wonder kuti chiChristu chacho ndechipi manje apa?

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