The Daughter, Son and Mother-In-Law debacle


Are our Mother-In-Laws that evil or it’s us that’s resistance to change. The diatribe has been ongoing for generation to generation and all claim innocent as it reach unprecedented levels. As the saying goes “grudges will only affect their holders”.

Who really is to blame? Is it the Daughter-In-Law? But again our mothers forget that they are/shall be also be Mother-In-Law somewhere. The mothers expect special treatment that they never showed to their own Mother-In-Law. How does this work?

Our mothers have personal issues with their Mother-In-Law, they claim that they are troublesome, if it wasn’t our grannies I’m sure they would have been called names. Trying to dig the root cause is fun and at times worrisome. Disdain and scorn ride sparkling in their eyes.

The issue for most of our mothers is, they believe the inlaws hate her for their son’s (husband) failure to send money home. Since mom got married my dad’s routine or levels of sending money home has reduced drastically. That’s her version. Or is it that our mothers have consumed some tomes.

Now that my mum has a son , will she be the nice “first of its kind” Mother-In-Law that is (trouble free). Will she be the perfect example of how Mother-In-Law behave? Having listened to her stories i see a revenge mission.

The grannies version is our mothers are being fast eroded by the lights of the city. They don’t respect them, they don’t value culture and they say they are of the modern world. They say they have the first right to their husbands. The constant jabs are bidirectional. Or is it because majority of the inlaws are ‘yokels’.

Haven’t we heard scenarios where parents say “I don’t like this girl so you can’t marry her”, its good when you are the deliver of such a statement not the recipient. Our mothers forget how it would have felt if their Mother-In-Law has said the same statement to their son.

Least we forget, the daughter will also marry soon. She will be in the same predicament like her mother. This is fast becoming a life relay. A Pass-On the baton to the next generation.

The question I need to ask all our mothers is, “how will it be possible for the new Daughter-In-Law to be a “darling”, when you can’t and couldn’t be a “darling”? I hope the girls are taking notes and the guys observing with keen interest. For one way or the other we are all in this together though nicodemously for most guys.

Will this diatribe of casting aspersions ever end? Both sides are creating a playground to exchange superfluous verbiage and out-compete each other in the faces of those who care to listen. It’s a matter of time, and
Only Time Will Tell.


9 thoughts on “The Daughter, Son and Mother-In-Law debacle

      1. No. If she’s a sweetheart then it’s ok. But I think I’m in the extremities that mothers will find me too headstrong and too difficult to break. I don’t know but I have the view I only married your son and I’m grateful you carried him but in my house you just sit and cause me problems. Eish I’ve seen what mothers in law do. Hm. It’s crazy. No don’t cook like that he likes it the way I do it. No.. Iron like this. No do this like that. Hm. No


        1. But its a 2 way remember. What you hate about my mother, very soon someone will hate you for being a touch inlaw.
          Is this the time they say life is a big circle. Not full. Lol

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            1. All girls say that, don’t they 🙈. The moment they marry they cry foul of their Mother-In-Laws.
              When they finally become the Mother-In-Law its change gate. Soldier on Daughter-In-Law else the door is open.

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  1. Yeah, I think those two camps of people have always been and will always be sworn enemies. The daughter in law being mistreated by her mother in law suddenly forgets her experiences when her son marries and she becomes the mother in law from hell as well. However in my opinion, there is only one person who can solve this issue once and for all and that is the mother in law’s son aka the daughter in law’s husband. He is the only one who can put everyone in their place! Unfortunately from what I’ve seen not many have the backbone to do so and as a result they just end up helplessly watching the unending slugging match between their wife and mother!


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