Is it worth it


The pain that people go through in relationships,  and the bearing it has on the children is painful.

Just this Saturday I saw a mother ,  baby on her back and a heavy bag in hand. She was crying, in the middle of town. I lept out of the car wanting to find out why. (Being the gentleman that I am)

I discovered the man, a few paces in front was her husband. He was fuming, shouting the unprintable. He couldn’t even be man enough to carry what looked like a heavy bag from his wife. Honestly men need to be reasonable at times. (Yes I just said that).

As I followed I tried to pick up the conversation, why she was crying, why he was fuming and why go through all this in town. In the middle of the city, of all the places. Why would the husband has the ego to chastise her in the middle of the city.

In the mean time I tried to play detective and avoid detection as I might be labelled a thief and the plot would have suddenly changed. Tried not to be labelled a stalker too.

For closer to a kilometre I was in persuit. What I gathered, was the man was saying he is fed up because the wife isn’t obeying him. The wife was trying in vain to be given another chance. In her defence she mentioned that for all these years she has natured him and now that he has been promoted he nolonger sees her as useful. I’m sure she felt used, stamped upon. Walked over. Melancholy.

She mentioned something to do with the guy’s behaviour when he is drunk. How he is abusive when he comes home drunk, more days a week than not.

Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything

The 4 of us arrived at the bus terminus downtown as they headed for busses going to Kuwadzana. I stopped and realised how men can be so mean. I didn’t have kind words for this guy. How could he. Is this what women are going through in their respective homes. Is it worth it?

He couldn’t even have the courtesy of carrying the bag.

Hang on, I trailed these people for a kilometre and me too, I couldn’t offer to carry the bag.

I’m no different.

NB. Based on a False story


7 thoughts on “Is it worth it

  1. Basically men of today (not all, I know some lovely, responsible gentlemen who carry bags and never raise their voices in public)…..lack being courteous and as soon as they are upgraded, completely forget and neglect the women in their lives. I have a very close friend who isn’t married……BUT met her ‘man’ when he had nothing. She was there when things were bad, when he slept on her couch for 6 months and got public transport to his hustle. How this cow has everything and is living big and she no longer is a option!!!! I tell her to count herself lucky all the damn time cause she’s either not married or mothering his kids. However, she remains with him. Blows my mind!


    1. Now that’s based on a true story. Have seen friends after attaining status they now need gals who wear mini skirts (nothing wrong about mini skirts, by the way), ladies that they can go to parties and functions with.
      A sad story.
      Maybe i should do a Part 2 but i fear i might end up overdoing it like Freddie Gwala’s Amadamala


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