Population Density Matrix

Harare, being the Capital City of Zimbabwe has a funny population density.

The many the houses, the many the children, the fewer the houses, the fewer the children. Is it because majority in the high density don’t have much to do with their time except baby making.

The future of the kids is at risk. You become a prisoner by birth. Even though we have crafted and found ways to comfort each other. We certainly believe that “being born poor is not your choice but dying poor is”.

How does it happen that in the low density suburbs, a family living in a 14 bedroomed house, has 2 kids, whilst in the high density, a family living in a rented, 2 roomed cottage has 5 children. Shouldn’t it be opposite.

The education system that we so much brag about, how come its hasn’t had an effect to population control. I would honestly advocate for 1 is best, 2 is most, considering that school fees has become the best contraceptive, more effective than any other family planning method.

People living in high density suburbs have more children, who a bigger percentage fails to make it through secondary education let alone tertiary. What is the point behind having more kids that you can’t look after, most importantly living in a 2 roomed house. The lounge is meant for couch not a bedroom for kids. Some we have to ask permission from our neighbours to accommodate them during the night.

The only place where numbers are welcome is a hotel. If you were to visit Pavillion restaurant with your 7 kids the hotel staff will greet you with a warm smile. If you were to travel by bus and all 7 kids paying, the bus company would smile all the way to the bank. But alas, these kinds of family never make it to hotels or holiday destinations.

These type of families, when they bus, they make sure kids sit on each other’s lap to cut costs. Contrary those with 2 kids have family cars and always drive to hotels or holiday destinations. One can not guess which of the 2 families wish a relative could take their kids for the holiday.

The more the kids, the more the expense. Even after marriage breakdown, being brought in front of the magistrate for neglecting 5 kids sounds catastrophic. Try knocking sense to such parents and the obstinacy is just amazing. Decadence at their best.

More kids more expenses. So what’s the point. This has nothing to do with sanctions the country is facing. This is pure logic or lack of it. Our high literacy rate shouldn’t be mistaken, it’s ability to read not ability to reason.

Let’s advocate for 1 man 1 wife. 1 family 2 kids or 3 at most. After all family cars carry maximum of 5 people.

That is normal, perhaps not for Africa.


4 thoughts on “Population Density Matrix

  1. I too never understand that with our high literacy rates how come family planning is still hard for our people? I really don’t understand it or is it the old mentality of the more children you have, the richer you will be? But then again that only worked in the rural areas where you had more people to work in the fields now it’s just a disaster.


    1. At least im not alone. The rate of kids failing to make it to school because of fees is amazing. The rate of overcrowding is also at a sharp rise.
      Thank you for passing by


  2. Riddle me that….. I guess when you have nothing else to do, baby making seems a worthwhile time passing activity, the winter nights are oh so cold and the comfort and warmth of another body….
    Oh and kids who come after, isnt wonderful we wont have to hire a maid?


    1. Come summer you will be counting the effects of winter. A few years later the school head will be smiling, that is if they manage to see the school doors. Lol
      Thanks for passing by

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