Friends like these

In case you missed a good article about friends. Friendship by Makupsy
This is a continuation.

Facebook really corrupted us. We nolonger know the difference between Friends and someone you know. Even Twitter didn’t help it either when we faced to distinguish between friends and followers

Having met friends on Twitter and having had a life whereby I change friends in every 5 years,  not because of my liking but when I looked back I was amazed. In this life we live,  we make friends depending on the environment, situation or even nature of activities going around.

I have this friend I met on Twitter. I just love her. Pure love. We chat about anything and we just flow. Even though there was once upon a time “we” did a “disappear” from the radar, but generally I can safely count on her as a friend. After all “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light” – Hellen Keller.

I would love friends like these.

Then there are those people from High school or your community back home,  that you meet in a foreign  country or big city,  anywhere not home and because you share a common background they are also deemed friends.

Maybe that’s the reason why we can’t even define old school music. To me its music that I know that brings memories. If I don’t know it regardless of how it is and I don’t have a memory of it, well…

We often have situations where the trusted friends are only there because they benefit something from you. Stop the benefit and you all alone.

For same sex yes friends can be there. But for opposite sex , is it still friendship or its love that’s taking long to mature. For guys would agree with me that above 90% of them, later on, develop deeper feelings for their female friends (i hope that wasn’t the reason to be friends in the first place. Draw her nearer then strike).

Of the 90% who tried turning friendship into a relationship, majority landed in the friendzone. And you can imagine the step you make when you are that 10% that moves from the friendzone

My question is, is there a lady who has ever made it to the friendzone.?



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