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Societal values

“I’m feeling bored, what are you up to”, she asked him, as she always does.

“Nothing much, just whiling up time feeding the animals”, he responded casually. “Let’s go out”.

To those who have an urban setup going out means a lot, considering the various options available.

In their case it was hearding to the river, sitting on a stone on the river bank and enjoying the crimson sunset.  This was their usual place. A secret spot. Looking down the river and at times peeping to those taking a bath in the river.

But not on this particular day. It started to drizzle, the ‘raining cats and dogs‘ type and the warmth of their bodies could be felt as they cuddled.

The heat arising from the stone as it evaporated in exchange of the coldness descending gave them comfort. In their comfort of happiness, the joys of their hearts , they both fell asleep. Hopefully dreaming of each other as they lay cuddled. It has always been his pleasure, cuddling her from behind.

It was late when they woke up and like all people in love they were inconsiderate of time and saw no need to rush. They began their journey back to the homestead. Short as she was, she always led and with the tall grass surrounding them, they couldn’t see far until they got to a clearing, the clearing being the pole and dagga welcome feature (what the modern now call durawall) of their homes.

They entered the compound arm in arm, swinging, (she had forgotten to remove the trousers and lipstick, a taboo in their village) only to be met by a dozen eyes staring at them, some ready to blow a gasket, some struck dump, some jaw dropped, some in amazement and some in straight forward faces that could have been the best caption for a national ID foto. A no smile, serious business type of face.

A search team had already been called for by the headman. People had gathered up from the village with their dogs, torches and anything that resembled a helping tool in the search of a rescue mission.

A kangaroo court was immediately setup to determine the fate of these two lovebirds. The headman sat on an elevated wooden log, wooden rod in his right hand, a big sun hat even though it was way after dusk. Their sitting arrangements resembled a cow horn formation with all village men on his right and women on his left. The accused sat in the middle and the verdict was unanimous.


This is how they ended up husband and wife. They didn’t plan for it. The society did.


She was responding to her grandchildren who had asked how she got married and why she was happy in their marriage as they celebrated their 48th anniversary

Joy is not in the clothes or location…. joy comes from God”

Disclaimer: Fiction. Not based on a true story but a dedication to those in true love.


Language Barrier

She walks to you, says something then she smiles as she takes a seat next to you. You return the smile but doesn’t respond.

She  looks at you again, wears an even bigger smile, whispers in your ear and smile again clearly showing her izibotho or is it izifoto. Now that makes one curious.

The language barrier that i have witnessed between the Shonas and the Ndebeles is quite sad. For the fact that i can’t speak the language despite loving the language hasn’t made life easier for me.

Its all a blame game but it’s not helping us as a nation. We have called each other names. We have peddled hatred all because we haven’t put in an extra effort to learn each other’s language.

Just as I had gathered enough ammunition to launch my well rehearsed approach, ready to conquer, there was an announcement that we are boarding and had to form a beeline towards the aircraft.

Curiousity got into me but eager to find out what it means i asked this tall gentleman for interpretation (exactly as it was whispered even though i struggled to pronounce the words) as we walked towards the aircraft.

Since he was tall, he bent to look direct into my groin and imagine how i felt when he let out a laugh. I felt embarrassed and was thinking is this the ” Adam and Steve” situation.

He fought back tears.

As i sat down to buckle myself to the seat, it all became clear.

I hope nobody saw my Hammer parked in the garage.