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Of see-thru dresses, mini skirts & men’s reaction 

Have you ever met someone, whatever they are wearing, you look at the clothes then look at the face.You look at the face again and you shake your head. At times you smile. Sometimes you forced to look back.

The title to this blog post is very misleading. It was just a way to draw your attention. Now that you are here let’s get on with it. Fashion is today’s special.

Most fashion magazines focus on ladies. Most fashion conscious people are women. The rate at which men lack fashion sense is appalling. They are good examples of fashion disasters. That’s cogent.

Most guys who have the so called tech minds are the worst dressed in the company hierarchy. Just look at any guy near you or your IT guy and see if he is fashion  conscious or elegant. All they say is “so long i know my stuff, that’s all that matters. What’s in dressing?

Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s quite rare to have a programmer who wears a suit. An IT guy in a suit. A Cisco technician in a suit. Even though they support their clumsy dressing by claiming they go into ceilings and pull cables etc, truth be told, those are historical ways of working. Technology has evolved,ubiquiti and wireless has taken over. After all its not everyday you get into ceilings.

Ok..let’s cut them some slack. Yes their jobs require too much manual labour. Does that also warranty that one can not put a good deodorant or cologne. Since it needs more of “physic” than logic then they should be the biggest buyers of deodorants.

I have seen and heard ladies say they are turned on by men who smell good. Maybe that underlays the fact why when a man gets a haircut, irons clothes, tuck in, everyone is quick to say he is now dating or about to settle. 

My favourite fashion mishap is the shirt crease. Most men, it’s a railwayline from the shoulder to the wrist. First crease was the original one. Second done by him. Third and fourth by girlfriends. Even the married men are not immune.
The neckties, especially the length says a lot about a man.A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life– Oscar Wilde. 

A tie should  never go beyond the belt. That’s too long, and should never reveal 2 shirt buttons. That’s too short. These ties that look like a baby feeder apron is a no no.

Next stop is the waist line and the so called drop by guys. This really gets to my nerves. I feel like puking. Im yet to see a guy who wears suits who drops his trousers below the hips. Unless if its the other type of a suit hereby called ‘worksuit’.

Revealing a khaki boxer short that was once white isn’t something interesting to watch. Whoever started with drop should be labelled an enemy of the state. Guys please Stop It. 

Even if it’s casual. It just has to be smart casual. Properly ironed. 1 shirt pleat. One can not be called a gentleman when you wearing a shirt that looks like you wrestled it from a cow’s jaw. Pants dropped and a tie as short as your palm. Looking good isnt self-importance but its self respect.

This is fast becoming long like the river Nile or as long as Psalms   (Mapisarema), will revisit this topic. 

As I once brought this issue of guys dropping their trousers, one guy had this to say, 

I’m not bothered by men who drop their pants, I hardly notice them, I would be busy looking at women’s behind instead” 

shots fired 😂