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The love of …

“….easy like Sunday morning 🎶… ” I finished the song with a whistle as I entered Pizza Slice 🍕 food outlet in town. 

Yes it was Sunday mid morning and clad in my 3/4 shorts, they were looking at my hairy legs. But who cares, it’s a Sunday morning. Taking it easy just like the song. On a Sunday morning. I whistled again. 

I ordered my pizza. The new chicken flavored, is my favorite. Order number 82. I wondered if they had sold 81 pizzas in that morning or it was a carry over figure from yesterday. 

I decided to sit in a corner  where I could notice everyone. Psychological right. My definition of a psychologist is a guy who looks at people’s faces and reactions when a beautiful girl enters a room

It didn’t take me long to see this short lady sitting a couple of tables away.  She was well built and those are the types I would say … ok never mind me I’m here for pizza. 

She kept looking to her side. I followed her eyes and landed on this guy who was on the phone. Keys on the table. I presumed he drives an Altezza. Who cares I’m here for pizza. 

Order number 79“, the lady shouts. I counted my fingers. How many more to my order, number 82. Anyway back to the lady. I watched her as she smilingly kept looking towards this Altezza guy. As he lift his head or looks at the direction of the lady,she would look aside shyly. 

Ok, I was begging to enjoy this. Like in a tennis match I would look left and look right. Look left, look right. What’s only missing was clapping hands when one hits an ace. But there was no ace here. 

Order number 80.

Look left, look right, I continued to enjoy my match,affording to smile intermittently. Then I decided to go for an ace.  Pulled out my pen wrote a note on the back of the only paper on table. Swiftly moved towards the lady, note in hand nicely folded once. 

Order number 81

I approached her, whispered in her ear and gave her the note. I pointed to the direction of the Altezza guy. I headed for the exit with a smile on my face. I had scored an ace. As I was near the doorway I looked back and the lady was beside theAltezza  guy pointing at me. 

 Order number 82.

 👀  oops 🙊 I wrote that note at the back of the order slip. Oh dear. There is nowhere I’m going back there. I pinched myself. 

Would the lady collect my pizza after realizing what I did. Maybe she left the note on the table of the guy. Maybe he did collect it on my behalf. Or maybe I should be a gentleman enough to go back and face the guy and ask for my order number. 

Maybe I can do explain to the sales lady over the counter that the pizza do belong to me but I somehow lost my order number slip. Not so easy on a Sunday morning, right!

What a match. I ended up the loser
                            –  oOo  –         


NB: To the Harare Pizza Slice Management. Now that I have done a free marketing for you, may I please have my pizza 🍕 back. 😉 



Do we worship food. In Shona they say “ukama igasva hunozadziswa nekudya”. Look at all gatherings faces do shine all because they have eaten something.

At weddings it’s  all about “did you eat? I haven’t been served as yet”. Kumuchato kwakanakidza chikafu changa chakazara. Maybe this is the reason why presents are given soon after lunch. All about food.

Even in times of bereavement there is now a seperation determined by food or lack of it. At those places where food is available its now a “funeral” and where food is in limited supply now commonly called “panhamo”. All about food.

Even in my culture someone’s wife is also classified by food. “Mukadzi wanhingi anonyima”, “ndakasvika vachidya kana kuedzwa chikafu”. In some cases aiwa mukadzi wanhingi akasununguka. Kungosvika nekupiwa chikafu. Taitoita chekuramba.

A closer look in households when the fridge is all stocked up everyone is at their smiling best. When there is just water you can tell from the faces when you visit. When food is available you aren’t asked if you are hungry or not. You are just served.

In those times when there is no food you hear “ah ko zvamava kutoenda tisati tabika nhai” or “tanga tatogadzika poto pamoto”.

In the industrial sites as soon as the 1pm lunch alarm goes, tools down, even if it means just a few seconds for hitting the “send” button after typing a very important email. No. Tozozviona tadya.

I can go on an on but it’s that time of the day i have to go and eat. Maybe hunger is what drove me to write this article.

Wadya here hama yangu.